4. Saudi Arabia Office

The UK has a strong historic relationship with Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is the UK’s largest trading partner in the Middle East. SGW have entered into a joint venture in Saudi Arabia with AL-Jazirah Engineers and Consultants (AJEC). Al-Jazirah Engineers & Consultants (AJEC) is a firm of consulting  engineers with headquarters in Riyadh, KSA.  It was established in 1981 to promote and manage enterprises principally in the energy sector.  Today  one of the leading firms of its type, with five branch offices in the Kingdom, AJEC offers comprehensive services in several sectors of engineering and related activities.  AJEC assumes overall responsibility for the implementation of major integrated projects.

The joint venture combines SGW’s qualified security expertise with AJEC’s experience and capabilities in Multi-Disciplinary Design, Engineering, Supervision and Project management. AJEC also provide Technical support staff for the Power Development, Urban Development, Industrial and Oil/Gas Development Sector’s projects for the fields of professional services.

SGW Consulting’s regional office is in a stunning tower in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh. The new development forms part of the Grenada Business Park in Saudi Arabia and SGW is proud to be apart of the business community made up of banks, manufacturers, and public sector organisations.

Just outside, there is a choice of useful amenities including restaurants, hotels and coffee shops, as well as a large convention centre that regularly brings international visitors to the park. SGW are located amongst a healthy business community and the office itself is at the geographic centre of Saudi Arabia, it’s remarkably accessible from nearby cities and Riyadh King Kalid International Airport.


Grenada Business Park - Tower A4
12th Floor
Eastern Ring Road
P.O.Box 241841
Riyadh 11322
Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966115117685


Fax: +966115118111