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SGW were appointed to conduct a site survey for two of the buildings existing CCTV systems for St. Basils.

St Basils are a charity based in the West Midlands providing a safe and supportive environment for young people, offering shelter, education and employment.

The SGW Risk Assessment Methodology was followed in the survey, establishing the context, risk identification, risk analysis and evaluation, risk appetite and threat identification.

The CCTV audit and dilapidation survey included the following:

• Visual inspection of all equipment at each site as specified by the client

• Assessment of the CCTV systems inventory, schematic and line diagrams

• Assessment of the CCTV system network topology and bandwidth requirements

• Site Plans and Operational Requirements (OR) conformance

• Assessment of Operation and Maintenance Manuals

• Assessment of sufficient resilience UPS and Battery Backup provision

• System database functionality

• Software operating system status

• Inspection and maintenance on digital surveillance hardware

• Inspection and maintenance on analytic systems (if any)

• Integration options between various security systems

• Appraisal of submitted upgrade quotations with recommendations

SGW charted a report detailing the security findings, images and diagrams of the potential threats surrounding both the buildings. The report contained recommended solutions to reduce these security risks.