Security Audit

A basic security fundamental is to really know that your procedures and policies are watertight! Sometimes you have no idea there is a leak or that one is impending.

SGW can assist you perform a security audit of your security  procedures and policies to ensure:

SGW consulting can review your organisations compliance against regulatory framework and your own security procedures through in-depth and unbiased in-depth audit of your systems, staff and protocols.

Our consultants at SGW will be able to highlight vulnerabilities and shortcomings in relation to the security of your organisation, we will also recommend actions to be taken to comply with any regulatory requirements and any issues in relation to internal security policy abuses.

Our site specific plans, policies and procedures and guard post assignment instructions are an essential component necessary to run a safe and secure operation or facility which addresses current legislative compliance.

Developed by our teams of fire, life safety and security specialists having had many years of successfully delivering customised documentation solutions. Working closely with our clients, SGW ensure that policies and procedures are legal, practical and relevant to each organisation, providing peace of mind and the freedom to get on with business.

Security Consultant Services

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