BREEAM Security Needs Assessment Appointments for SGW

SGW are pleased to announce an upsurge in BREEAM HEA 06 Safety and Security Needs Assessment (SNAs) appointments from property developers, and design and build companies.

Security Needs Assessment (SNA) assignment instructions in accordance with the requirements of HEA 06 have been received by SGW for a Waste to Energy Plant in Deeside, North Wales, together with several Business Park locations in Oxfordshire.

Developers choose BREEAM certification to help deliver and validate the sustainability value and cost effectiveness of their assets to an internationally-recognised and robust standard, tried and tested since it was first launched in 1990.

In doing so, BREEAM helps the developer and their facilities team manage and mitigate risk through demonstrating sustainability performance during planning, design, construction, operation or refurbishment, helping to lower running costs, maximise returns through market value, and attract and retain tenants with desirable places to live and work.

BREEAM inspires developers and creators to excel, innovate and make effective use of resources. The focus on sustainable value and efficiency makes BREEAM certified developments attractive property investments, and generates sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them.

The BREEAM assessment process evaluates the procurement, design, construction and operation of a development against targets that are based on performance benchmarks.

A BREEAM certification has many benefits including;

•  Balancing cost and life cycle value

•  Reducing operational costs

•  Helping to limit investor and developer risk

•  Making a building more attractive to let, sell or retail

•  Creating a more productive and healthy workplace

SGW assists companies who aspire to achieve a BREEAM score of Excellent standard or higher, by undertaking a suitably-qualified, Security Needs Assessment (SNA) where one possible credit is available for Safe access and one possible credit is available for Security of site and building.

SGW follows the BREEAM assessment stage process as can be seen in the chart below:


The Security Needs Assessment (SNA) provides project and site-specific assessment of security needs, including;

•  A visual audit of the site and surroundings, identifying environmental cues and features pertinent to the security of the proposed development

•  Formal consultation with relevant stakeholders, including the local ALO, CPDA & CTSA (as applicable), to obtain a summary of crime and disorder issues in the immediate vicinity of the proposed development

•  Identify risks specific to the proposed, likely or potential use of the building(s)

•  Identify risks specific to the proposed, likely or potential user groups of the building(s)

•  Identify any detrimental effects the development may have on the existing community

The purpose of the assessment is to inform stakeholder decision-makers, and allow the identification and evaluation of security recommendations and solutions.


Commenting on SGW’s recent BREEAM HEA 06 Security Needs Assessment appointments, Simon Whitehouse, Managing Director of SGW said;We are finding more than ever before, that developers are looking to embrace BREEAM and the many benefits it has for new developments and their associated life cycle. We are particularly pleased that Building Research Establishment (BRE) have acknowledged that Safety & Security is a vital ingredient in achieving the key principles of the scheme and that in turn, sustainability is a key ingredient to the creation of safer and more secure communities within the built environment’.

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