CCTV Operator with Public Surveillance

Course Content

Unit 1

Working within the Private Security Industry

Unit 2

Working as a CCTV Operator within the Private Security Industry

Unit 3

Practical Operation of CCTV equipment within the Private Security Industry

Course Venues

Course Introduction

Through HABC, SGW offers an approved course for all wishing to meet the specific stringent formal SIA qualifications and registration standards of CCTV Operator with Public Space Surveillance. This qualification provides the necessary skills and knowledge for those wishing to apply for an SIA licence and work as a CCTV Operative. You may even be seeking a change of career in the near future, this is a formal qualification which will lead you to work and gain experience in other Private Security (QCF) areas.

Course Content

The course is divided into 3 units and is assessed through 2 multiple-choice exams and a practical test.



Who should attend?

This course is a must for personnel wishing to qualify as a CCTV operator in the Private security Industry in accordance with SIA licence requirements’. Any paid County Council employees, operating and managing CCTV systems, in the performance of their duties. Especially suitable for dedicated and casual CCTV operations staff not having completed an approved course for example, from Hospital trusts, Universities, Colleges or Schools, employed and responsible for CCTV systems management; in a profit making organisation wishing to conform to SIA standards. Private security companies where employees use fixed and mobile CCTV systems. Security operatives with a wish to gain experience in Public space surveillance.

Prerequisites: a checkable identity with formal proof of identity prior to commencement of the course. The ability to read, speak and understand English; there will be a formal exam in English at the end of the course.

The required course duration will be for 32 hours, of which 24 will be in a formal teaching environment.

Course Benefits

Candidates will gain valuable experiences, practical advice and lessons learnt in a safe environment; equipping you for operational CCTV service. The course will give you a formal industry standard qualification, upon completion of the two short exams and practical assessment. You only need then apply for a SIA licence.

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