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SGW’s CCTV Consultancy Services

SGW have been providing CCTV Consultancy Services internationally since 2003. During that time, our CCTV Consultancy Team have applied our independence and unbiased approach, to support many public and private sector organisations to progress CCTV Feasibility Studies and Documented Operational Requirements, which have formed the foundation for the implementation of a fit for purpose Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System project.

SGW’s CCTV Consultants have no allegiance to manufacturers or installers of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) products & systems, which means that our advice is always focused on achieving the Operational Requirements and CCTV Strategy agreed and approved by our clients, with a ‘Best Value’ approach to specification and procurement.

CCTV Consultancy from SGW for the built environment

CCTV Consultancy Services from SGW, for System Design, Procurement and Project Supervision

The international CCTV Industry is saturated with hundreds of manufacturers and installers of cameras, display, control and recording systems and solutions. Analogue, Digital, AHD, TVI, CVI, IP, HD, and AHD are just a few common CCTV system formats available in today’s fast paced marketplace. Which one will you chose for your next project and why?

Pixel density to achieve CCTV Operational Requirements, Converged or dedicated CCTV network, bandwidth budget, storage capacity, built in resilience and redundancy, lighting optimisation between cameras and artificial lighting, how are the cameras monitored? where are they monitored from? what happens to the CCTV data? how long is it stored? who is the end user ‘(‘client, police or criminal justice system‘) are just a few of the questions which SGW’s team of CCTV Consultant’s will address.

It’s likely that if your supplier or installer has a sharp and effective salesperson and you may be persuaded to purchase a system which is more aligned to the salespersons agenda, than to the operational requirements and site specific operational conditions at which the system will operate. In this scenario, the result can be extremely disappointing and an expensive mistake, resulting in a CCTV which is not ‘Fit for Purpose’.

Our CCTV Consultancy team are focused to present our clients with clear and concise facts, which allows the client to make an informed decision upon the selection of a solution, appointment of a contractor and ongoing maintenance and support of the system to protect your investment. Our ‘Best Value’ approach always intends to offset the cost of our fee’s by ensuring SGW assists our clients to achieve a streamlined, economical and efficient conclusion to a CCTV project, on time and to budget.

CCTV Consultancy Services from SGW, can incorporate one or more of the following project stage services: –

CCTV Consultancy Project

Previous CCTV Consultancy Project by SGW

Previous SGW CCTV Consultancy services clients have been government departments, local authorities, law enforcement agencies, corporate organisations, facilities managers, architects and design teams who want to ensure they have access to the technical knowledge and support to enable them to achieve their objectives and future plans for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) deployment.  A client who employs SGW to consult on CCTV implementation is assured of engaging competent technical support to progress specific areas of work, gained through our independence, experience and applied lessons learnt from previous projects.


CCTV Consultancy Services Case Study

Sandwell Homes, Housing, Residential Security, Security, CCTV, Access Control, Risk Assessment, plan, Design, Security Design, cctv monitor, surveillance, security systems, control room
Sandwell Homes, West Midlands

SGW provided consultancy services to Sandwell Homes from January 2008 for a period of nearly 3 years to completely review and develop there CCTV systems and concierge services

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Sandwell Homes



CCTV Consultancy Services

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