The use of a standard Video Surveillance System (CCTV) Test Target is essential to the commissioning and audit of any installation regardless of whether percentage screen height or pixel density are selected as the design criteria.

After all, as IEC 62676-4 Section 5.2 states, “Without an OR [operational requirement] and a matching test procedure there is no practical methodology to assess whether the system can meet its required purpose.”

CCTV Field of View Assessment Course

The CCTV Field of View Assessment Course is a one day course which has been developed by SGW’s in-house independent CCTV and Video Surveillance Systems Consultants, to address Recommended Standards […]

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CCTV Video Image Calculator (VIC) & Screen Assessment Matrix (SAM)

CCTV has been a security tool for many years, and the best tool for assessing the quality of CCTV images has been the Rotakin Test, a 1600mm x 400mm target […]

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