CCTV Systems Evaluation

A CCTV Systems Evaluation will aide the client in understanding the state of there existing CCTV system. Many of our clients have been using CCTV before we are engaged. Their systems may be old, obsolete, no longer fit for purpose or in need of upgrade, repair or replacement. Unlike a new build project in the built environment where new systems are designed to address business objectives, existing real estate and the legacy systems installed within often forms a small part of an organisations overall security strategy which increases the importance of continued review of an organisations operational requirements (OR) for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) operation.

At evaluation stage, SGW’s CCTV Consultant will first provide an independent review of the existing system, providing a thorough audit of all camera positions and the control room(s) display, control, recording and resilience systems. SGW will then prepare a dilapidation report for the client, providing an independent review of each system and a thorough options appraisal for possible improvements and how to leverage performance from existing legacy systems without necessarily replacing the complete system.

SGW’s CCTV audit and dilapidation survey will include: –

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