SGW’s Senior CAD and BIM Engineer Awarded CCTV System Planning BTEC Qualification

SGW’s Senior CAD and BIM Engineer, Aras Jaly Zada, has been awarded a Level 3 CCTV System Planning BTEC qualification.

In April 2018, Aras attended a three-day course followed by an exam at the Tavcom Training Centre in Bishop Waltham, Hampshire. The CCTV System Design and Planning course included theory and practical exercises whilst providing knowledge of planning, designing and presenting CCTV solutions that are functional, practical and achievable.

His day-to-day role includes designing and planning small-to-large scale CCTV and Security systems. Aras successfully gained knowledge of compliance focused on the latest international standards, and the ability to offer solutions for clients across all market sectors.

Aras studied and completed the following topics:

•  Overview of CCTV technologies and products

•  Developing an Operational Requirement

•  Risk assessment and site surveys

•  CCTV system design and product selection

•  Effective lighting for CCTV applications

•  Legislation, Industry Standards and Codes of Practice

•  System Planning – costing, installation, commissioning, maintenance

•  System Documentation – specification, drawings, commissioning and handover

•  Writing the system proposal

•  The Tender Process – pre/post tender meetings and presentations

Aras is a highly qualified Civil Engineer and 2D + 3D CAD specialist with a PhD degree from the University of Nottingham (July 2016), in the areas of Building Information Modelling (BIM) application, design change management, and collaborative design. He has experience in design, construction, and supervision on a range of engineering projects, such as hospitals, industrial, and commercials buildings. He is fully conversant with AutoCAD and proficient in 3D modelling with Revit software.

SGW encourage employees to participate in Continued Professional Development (CPD) to build a vast knowledge bank, whilst being able to offer clients highly-qualified and experienced industry professionals.

The CCTV System Planning course equipped Aras with the tools to interface with a client to articulate and explain security systems, technical design issues and ensure that operational security requirements align to technical specifications.

SGW have been providing CCTV Consultant Services internationally since 2003. During that time, the CCTV Consultant Team have applied an independent and unbiased approach to support many public and private sector organisations to progress CCTV Feasibility Studies and Documented Operational Requirements, which have formed the foundation for the implementation of a fit for purpose Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System project.



Aras said: “Fantastic three intensive days in Tavcom. As a civil engineer background, most of the materials for the “CCTV System Design and Planning” course were new. I worked hard to learn as much information as possible. I interpreted what I had learned during the course to prepare high standard CCTV drawings using CAD and BIM software packages. I used the course materials to develop a “CCTV lens calculator” software to calculate all possible camera specifications and locations.

Thank you to SGW for giving me this opportunity to improve my theory and practical exercises in the CCTV world.”

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