City of London Corporation Appointment

SGW Consulting Group are delighted to announce the City of London Corporation Appointment, for our risk consulting team to undertake a Security Review of its eleven social housing estate locations.

The City of London Corporation is a social landlord with 2,793 homes within 11 housing estates across the City of London and six London boroughs. The City of London has approached SGW to provide Security Reviews across its Social Housing Estates at Avondale Square Estate, Dron House, Golden Lane Estate, Holloway Estate, Horace Jones House, Middlesex Street Estate, Southwark Estates, Sydenham Hill Estate, William Blake Estate, Windsor House and Your Way Estate.

Each estate Security Review completed by SGW will incorporate a Security Threat and Risk Assessment, which intends to identify, recommend, and prioritise treatment strategies for operational Security risks to the complex, its location, and its stakeholders, by identifying threats and vulnerabilities (existing and/or proposed control measures) and considers the impact on operating objectives.

Throughout this assignment, SGW will engage and collaborate with The City of London Corporation stakeholders in applying Risk Assessment methodology, Risk Assessment Process, and a Risk Register.

SGW will build upon this process, applying ISO 31000, to ensure that the final report, which includes identification, evaluation, and analysis of Risk and a prioritisation risk matrix of areas and departments, is applicable for the client’s needs and can be used as a benchmark to apply additional security resources.

As part of the final Security Threat and Risk Assessment report, SGW will also apply a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) prioritisation for the eleven housing estates. This will be achieved through the application of SGW’s Comparative Risk Assessment Model (CRAM).

CRAM is a decision-making tool used to systematically measure, compare, and rank areas of risk. Its use is not confined to any single sector; moreover, it has utility in all areas of the security domain and across all sectors. Its principal benefits are;

– An objective approach to Security Risk Management

– A rationalised basis for Security Planning

– Prioritisation of resources and mitigation as required through a comparative process

– Bespoke to the scale and complexity of the project or individual estate

– A consistent approach to the evaluation of risks across multiple sites or multiple locations across one site

Commenting on the City of London Corporation Appointment, SGW’s Managing Director, Simon Whitehouse said; ‘Throughout SGW’s history, we have a strong track record supporting Social Housing & Arm’s Length Management Organisations to make their housing estates a safer place to live in for their tenants and work in by their staff’. 

The City of London Corporation Appointment will ensure each estate is reviewed by highly qualified and experienced security professionals, who will adopt a software-based ISO 31000:2018 compliant Security Threat and Risk Assessment will provide our client with a dynamic and easy to audit assessment dashboard, which will summarise current and residual risk profiles for each housing estate, outstanding recommendations and risk mitigation prioritisation, with the ultimate aim to facilitate our client to make informed security improvement decisions.

For further information on SGW’s work in The Social Housing Sector, please visit our dedicated Social Housing Sector website page.

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