Blast Engineering Services

The threat of bombs and IEDs are a very real possibility and in some places a regular occurrence. We can work with you to protect you and your buildings from blasts and explosions through a variety of methods. Including protection through design and understanding of blast engineering and safe standoff distances.

The identification of key threats is the first stage of any blast study for a new development. Explosion threat scenarios are typically specified in terms of an explosive charge weight at a standoff distance from the target structure.

Once we have assessed and worked out what threats are likely and credible, our specialist blast engineers can model and detail the effects of potential blasts should one to take place. This allows for a cohesive and simple 2D or 3D visualisation of  how a blast would effect your structure possibly mitigating and justifying not installing certain blast containment materials, alternatively it will demonstrate what areas are at risk and how they can be further protected.

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Utilising SGW’s experience in counter terrorism we can provide your business with advice on best practice design for blast resistance and mitigation methods to reduce the risk of damage from bomb blasts. SGW works with architects to reduce these problem areas at the early concept design stage to assist building designers introduce appropriate mitigation countermeasures.

Through working with SGW as early as possible the risk from blasts can be mitigated to tolerable levels through target hardening and recommended safe stand-off distances through environmental design. This will in the scope of blast engineering developed a site that can deflect blast energy away from critical infrastructure and prevent it getting close enough in the first place. In areas were that is not available SGW’s Blast Engineers will work with you to develop blast augmentation to inhibit the effect of a blast and designed out those features that would exasperated the effect of any blast or explosion.

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