Crowded Space Analysis

The protection of crowded space is an inherently difficult one as well as being a particularly attractive ‘soft’ target. SGW can help you maximise the safety of any space from terrorism through a variety of methods including environmental design and the management of such spaces.

Transport hubs, sports stadia, shopping centres, cinemas and nightclubs are a few spaces that have the capacity to hold large crowds of people, who by virtue of being in that crowd can unfortunately become a target as has been evidenced from around the world.

As a result developers of these crowded spaces will be expected to pay attention to the safety and security of these areas to ensure they are afforded the maximum protection.

SGW, Crowded Space

SGW will work with you and your built environment professionals from concept stage through to the actual build stage to help assess the risk that you build could face and how credible and likely that risk is. From that initial assessment SGW can help you develop protection built into the design of the crowded space and advise you on how you should managed the space and the crowds of people in it once it is built to maximise their protection.

Counter Terrorism Design

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