Response Planning

Being prepared for the worst is important, terrorism is a real and ongoing issue in today’s world and it could affect your business either directly or indirectly. Response Planning will allow you to have a pre-set document laying out what to do immediately and in the aftermath of any disruption.

SGW will help you develop a policy and an action plan for the ‘what ifs’ and tailor them to fit your business and your requirements in relation to response planning. SGW will engage with you and establish who your stakeholders are and how they will be affected and how that will affect you from a business contingency point of view.
SGW will also look to develop a set of standard operating procedures for how your business would deal with certain situations that have been highlighted as real and credible risks from an in-depth assessment. The response planning could include:
• Bomb threat planning and procedures for staff who are most likely to receive them
• Evacuation planning which will contain a different response depending on the incident type
• Building searches and coordination of them with emergency services
• Communications planning for when you have been evacuated

Counter Terrorism Design

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