CCTV has been a security tool for many years, and the best tool for assessing the quality of CCTV images has been the Rotakin Test, a 1600mm x 400mm target developed by the UK’s Home Office in the 1980s. Use of the target was included in the British Standard 50132, and this then evolved into a European, and eventually a global, ISO Standard. ISO 50132 defines the quality of CCTV images according to the percentage of the screen occupied by the standard Rotakin target.

However, CCTV at the time was based on black and white analogue technology and, as the security industry transitioned to colour images in digital formats, Rotakin and ISO 50132 became obsolete. Rotakin, while still available today, has been replaced by better targets, and 50132 has been replaced by IEC 62676, which states that test targets must allow the measurement of both colour and pixel density. However, while the Rotakin test is effectively now redundant, the original concept of a standard target of known size against which images could be measured remains central to modern video analysis methods.

The new CCTV Video Image Calculator (VIC) & Screen Assessment Matrix (SAM) has been designed within the requirements of IEC 62676-4, to provide the tools necessary for measuring the image quality of CCTV systems, camera setup, commissioning and auditing of CCTV fields of views, which provides for quantified, consistent and repeatable results.

The CCTV Video Image Calculator (VIC) & Screen Assessment Matrix (SAM) is a developed solution able to identify effective pixel densities not simply at the time of image capture, but following storage and recovery of compressed files. Additionally, the system is provided with a field of view assessment tool to support the commissioning process, for engineers and auditors to translate an Operational Requirement into a usable image. The CCTV Video Image Calculator (VIC) & Screen Assessment Matrix (SAM) is provided as a kit, which comprises of 1) “VIC” – Video Image Calculator and 2) “SAM” – Screen Assessment Matrix, as follows: –

“VIC” – Video Image Calculator

VIC is a 1600 x 400mm CCTV Target aligned with the requirements of IEC 62676-4:2014 . This provides a means of quantifying percentage Target Image Height (%TIH) as well as quantifying the discernible pixel density. The target is optimised for use with pixels per metre (ppm) but can be configured to align precisely with pixels per foot (ppf).

The target has panels in graduated resolutions so that images can be quantified at the time of capture but also allows the degradation of an image due to compression to be assessed. The target is designed with square pixels, diagonal lines and script as well as conventional pixel wheels and ‘Landolt C’ components in order to allow assessment of types of degradation using different compression algorithms at different resolutions.

The target is graduated in 100 mm sections and has a section set aside for the addition of vehicle number plates (supplied separately).

The top 400 mm of the Target is a target of itself and can be used when assessing resolutions when the whole target is not displayed.

The target is supplied with additional commissioning and audit aids in soft copy for use when testing camera resolution and focusing – including a handy A3 FoV Aide Memoire, A4 Resolution Panels, Resolution Cheat Sheet and Excel CCTV Calculator

“SAM” – Screen Assessment Matrix

In addition to the VIC Target, a Screen Assessment Matrix is provided.

This allows users to accurately measure the height of the standard target on the Monitor Display in order to verify the relevant operational requirement.

There is no question of ‘ it looks about fifty per cent’ – the matrix allows assessment of TIH with accuracy in practice to a single-digit – thus assessments – ‘The target only occupies 47% of screen height ‘ are achievable and repeatable.

Training videos are provided for the use of both the Video Image Calculator (VIC) & Screen Assessment Matrix (SAM).

The Matrix is used as a physical transparent A4 Overlay for working at a Terminal or Control Room, or as a customised soft copy virtual overlay in MS PowerPoint for use in assessing Screen Captures in compliance with the Operational Requirement.

In cases where the %TIH is not achieved, the shortfall is highlighted and the actual pixel density can be calculated using the supplied MS Excel Spreadsheet.

The VIC Package includes two sets of A4 Overlays (Landscape and Portrait) facilitating assessments on a wide range of displays.

The “SAM” Matrix can be used to assess the size on the screen of any appropriate target – package, car, van, lorry, aircraft etc. as required by the Operational Requirement.

CCTV Video Image Calculator (VIC) & Screen Assessment Matrix (SAM) – (‘Kit Inclusions’)

The following components will be supplied with each CCTV Target & Assessment System kit ordered from us: –

  1. Video Image Calculator (VIC) – complete with quick release tripod adaptor (1) and target base tension straps (2)
  2. Heavy Duty portable foldable Nanopole stand – with top section supporting bracket – fixing to target quick release clamp adaptor (1)
  3. Nanopole to VIC tension brackets (2)
  4. Screen Assessment Matrix (SAM) – for accurate measurement of the height of the standard target, within the field of view for each camera forming part of the system
  5. User manuals for both the VIC Target and SAM Matrix
  6. 1-hour online training briefing in Field of View Assessment with VIC and SAM components

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