Course Overview

The course examines how security professionals apply different techniques to assess a new site at the pre-construction stage, evaluating architectural drawings and visualisations or at an in-use facility, including a site survey and stakeholder consultation.

This course will be spread over one month and will comprise one two-hour live webinar each week, presented by SGW’s course tutors and security professionals. Following the conclusion of each
weekly webinar, delegates will progress through a module-based workbook and prepare a short presentation and a final assignment.

Course Schedule – Applies to Intake Course Dates

  • Week 1 – Date to be confirmed in booking particulars: Day 1 – 11-00 am to 13-00 pm (‘with comfort break mid-session) – Module 1 – Security Needs Assessment
  • Week 2 – Date to be confirmed in booking particulars: Day 2 – 11-00 am to 13-00 pm (‘with comfort break mid-session) – Module 2 – Facility Security Risks
  • Week 3 – Date to be confirmed in booking particulars: Day 3 – 1-00 am to 13-00 pm (‘with comfort break mid-session) – Module 3 – Facility Security Review
  • Week 4 – Date to be confirmed in booking particulars: Day 4 – 11-00 am to 13-00 pm (‘with comfort break mid session’) – Course Assignment Presentation & Review

This course represents study and continued professional development (CPD), provided by SGW, comprising 8 Guided Learning Hours and additional Self-Directed Study. Please check the course booking calendar for available intake commencement dates.

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Start date:

10 March 2023

Course Fee: £250.00

(excl VAT)

Delivery Method:

Online + Self Study course

Security Surveying & Assessment Course

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Security Needs Assessment

The Security Needs Assessment module includes a review of competences, techniques, tools and resources necessary to undertake a visual audit of the site and surroundings, identifying environmental cues and features pertinent to the security of the proposed development or in-use facility. This includes determination of plot extents, spatial use, infrastructure placement, access, circulation and the application of CPTED principles.


Facility Security Risks

The Facility Security Risks module will review the components and techniques used to undertake a ‘high level’ quantitative and qualitative Security Risk Assessment. Based upon the context of a sample project, delegates will identify critical assets, vulnerable points and design based threats of both an in-use and pre-construction facility, using assessment data provided within the course workbook and also, within the public domain.


Facility Security Review

The Facility Security Review module reviews and identifies conclusions made in the Facility Security Risks module and promotes techniques which security professionals can apply. This guides project stakeholders to make an informed decision regarding which risk mitigation to adopt. It also allows for the production of a Level 1 Operational Requirement (OR1) to ensure solutions are acceptable to all and that the stakeholders retain ownership of the process.


Course delegates will receive a certificate of attendance, which confirms the number of learning hours and continuing education unit (CEU) equivalent credits completed. This can be used for Continued Professional Development (CPD) purposes.

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Key information

Course Benefits:

  • Robust understanding of Threat, Risk and Vulnerability methodologies.
  • Thorough grasp of Threat and Risk identification.
  • Understanding of Asset identification and inventory, and the importance thereof.
  • Ability to understand the Risk Management Process when liaising with stakeholders.
  • Insight into Scenario Planning: categorising threats, methods of attack, likelihood and impact.
  • Appreciation of integrated security systems.
  • Insight into innovative security practices.

Suitable for:

  • Security managers and practitioners.
  • Physical Protection Professionals.
  • Security Consultants.
  • Aviation Security.
  • Critical infrastructure team.
  • Hotel security, public installations, event security.
  • Building managers.
  • Individuals who are looking to develop their security skills and professional knowledge.


  • There is no formal entry requirement for this course.
  • Individual applications are assessed based on the candidate’s experience and educational background.

Previous Course Delegate Testimonials

‘Thank you both for sharing your knowledge and experience with me, I think the course offered sighificant value for money. All part of SGW’s Security Surveying & Assessment course.

Phillip Bodle, Security SystemSpecialist at Colt Data Centre Services

I completed this course; it is a great structured approach to security surveying – Simon and Alan are very knowledgeable and made the course both interesting and enjoyable – Thanks all.

Sean Thompson, CEngPrinciple Member RSES

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