Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan

In light of the challenges we all face with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), SGW want to reassure our clients, staff and suppliers that our company is closely following British Government guidelines to help keep our employees and customers safe.

Our UK based security consulting team continues to operate within British Government guidelines. We have taken the decision to close our office and members of our consulting team will, until further notice, be home-office based, with phones diverted to mobiles or messaging services.

Our business continuity plan is summarised below:-

  1. The Health & Safety of SGW employees and our customers is our primary concern.
  2. SGW’s UK office is closed until further notice. Employees are requested to work from home wherever possible.
  3. The post will be collected from SGW’s UK office at Edwinstowe at regular intervals by a team member living nearby to the office location, reviewed, distributed electronically and actioned appropriately.
  4. Office landline phones will be diverted to mobiles or messaging services as appropriate.
  5. Travel restrictions will be applied by the company, consistent with travel guidance from the World Health Organisation and primarily, The British Government

In addition, irrespective of government travel restrictions, SGW reserve the right to decline any international travel during periods where a team member is self-isolating or where airlines have suspended primary travel routes.

  1. SGW will suspend domestic travel for internal meetings and will adopt a zoom meeting – video conferencing platform for the internal team, or external client meetings which we organise. We will also adopt and accept external client organised meetings using Skype, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.
  2. SGW will suspend attendance at any event with more than 20 people.
  3. SGW is unable to accept responsibility for employee personal travel, which then impacts working conditions and self-isolation protocols outlined herein. SGW will continue to conduct site security surveys in the UK, at remote sites, outside of individual staff/consultant member self-quarantine periods, subject to fewer than 20 people being at the site. For sites with more than 20 people working, SGW would restrict undertaking security surveys during the outbreak of COVID-19 unless our appointing client agrees that we may utilise Google Earth to determine local site context. For security studies adopting this approach, our client is encouraged to provide electronic copies of site plans and building floor plans in AutoCAD.DWG file format.
  4. All business travel and remote site surveys with fewer than 20 people working at the site, to be subject to an internal risk assessment, prior to our acceptance to undertake an assignment. However, in extreme circumstances where our government instructs a partial or full restrictive lockdown, British Government rules and requirements prevail.
Download a PDF version of SGW’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan here……………………….. SGW – COVID 19 – Business Continuity Plan – 190320
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