Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, when the worst happens getting your organisation back to optimal strength is a top priority. Without prior planing or preparedness your organisation ability to get back on track will be severely hampered. Working with our selected partner SGW can offer you a professional Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service including an audit of existing agreements as well as creating and developing a new bespoke strategy to ensure you are covered if the worst should happen.

Business continuity planning is critical, wishing you had a plan in place after a serious event is often to late. Offered as part of a holistic security package SGW will help you ensure your organisations critical operations have inbuilt resilience with continuity and contingency options established and up to date. Business Continuity planning does not need to be specific to any one threat, such as a terrorist incident. But should be geared towards any major disruption including  major fire, flooding or power fault.


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