Suppression and detection design

Suppression and detection design is about maximising time available to escape and minimise the impact any fire causes.

Not only can SGW provide an unbiased and experienced fire safety advice but we can also recommend and design the installation of fire suppression and fire detection systems. Fire suppression systems are designed to protect your critical assets, prevent the spread of any fire and increase the time available to escape. Detection systems allow for a fire to be identified at an exact source and alert people that there is an issue that either needs investigating or evacuation procedures to begin.

Often the two systems go hand in hand and are not always complimentary, does your access control system hamper any effort made to evacuate the building en-mass should the need occur, such as when your fire detection system alerts you to a fire? SGWs consultants are fully integrated and capable of working alongside each other in a fully integrated basis whilst looking at suppression and detection design and access control.Suppression and detection design

Fires almost always start small and grow. A fire needs oxygen, fuel and heat to grow and spread, suppression design attempts to diminish the chances the fire has to grow by tackling one of more of the three things that a fire needs. Dependant on the environment can depend on what suppression design system is best. A sever room for example can use a gaseous system that would prevent further damage to the equipment compared to a liquid based system.

SGW can advise on whether dry chemical agents, gaseous ones or liquid based suppression methods are appropriate. From our initial survey we will also be able to recommend the system delivery style, for example is a quick response or standard response appropriate? Is a deluge or pre action system preferred?

In buildings were a well-designed suppression and detection system is in place the large majority of fires can be managed or completely put out, allowing you to minimises fire damage and protect your people and your critical assets.

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