SGW Completes Security Project For The Great Scotland Yard Hotel, London

SGW were appointed as Security Consultant for the Great Scotland Yard Hotel in Autumn 2016, by PSP consultants.

The former Great Scotland Yard is undergoing a transformation from the old Metropolitan Police headquarters into a luxury hotel. The redevelopment is being completed by London’s leading property specialist – Galliard Homes. The site has a fascinating history, it was previously the location of the famous Plaistow Marshes (1864) and Jack the Ripper (1888) where crimes were investigated.

Galliard Homes says that “The Great Scotland Yard Hotel will be a brand synonymous with exceptional service and refined luxury and quality.” Significant investment has been made into the refurbishment of the interiors of the building, so that guests will have the most enjoyable hotel experience possible.

Plans have been put into place to extend the building so that it will have seven storeys and two basement levels. Within the hotel guests can expect 92,000 sq. ft. of sheer luxury which will include a library, bars, dining rooms and deluxe bedrooms, the most expensive and indulgent suite could even cost up to £10,000 per night for guests. This highly anticipated hotel is due to be complete in 2017 and is already 30 percent finished.

SGW were appointed to conduct a threat and risk assessment for the new development, and subsequently advise on security countermeasures required. The recent tragic attack in Westminster has served as a reminder that security needs to be taken very seriously at all times, regardless of perceived threat level.

  1. Electronic Access Control System
  2. Video Surveillance System
  3. Guestroom Locking System
  4. Video Intercom System
  5. Intruder Detection System
  6. Security Monitoring Facilities
  7. Guest & Baggage Screening

SGW have been appointed to provide security consulting expertise for the development from concept to tender review of suitable security contractors.


Richard Roberts, Senior Security Consultant at SGW said: “We are pleased to be working with such a reputable developer on such an iconic building in the heart of London. SGW have vast experience in hospitality security, ensuring visitors enjoy a relaxing guest experience while feeling safe and secure at all times.”

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