Aldara Hospital, Riyadh

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SGW, appointed by Hobbs and Black  Architects to complete a security master plan for Aldara Hospital.

This project included a comprehensive security master plan detailing; security zoning, access control for people and vehicles, and design of a CCTV network and control centre.

Aldara Hospital and Medical Center will house an inpatient hospital and the largest and most technically-advanced outpatient facility in Riyadh. It will provide high-quality health care at local reimbursement rates. This is made possible thanks to Aldara’s optimal inpatient/outpatient mix, the use of advanced medical technology and workflows, a strong IT platform and a robust human capital model.

Proven processes, a sophisticated IT platform, leading-edge Western best practices, and operational efficiencies will allow Aldara Hospital and Medical Center to deliver high-quality medical care at local insurance reimbursement rates.

The hospital has been designed to incorporate the following key service areas: –

The design stage was finished in early 2012. Site demolition and excavation was completed in October 2012, with the facility was scheduled to be operational by 2016.

SGW’s appointment with Hobbs and Black, was based upon the provision of the following comprehensive set of security consulting services: –

Security Pre-Design

1. Confirm security design consultant’s responsibility as indicated on the responsibility matrix with the owner/design team
2. Confirm goals, objectives of project intent with owner/design team
3. Develop security design options for presentation to all project stakeholders
4. Coordinate budget and schedule expectations with team

Security Schematic Design

1. Develop options for security systems, (i.e. camera equipment and locations)
2. Define standards
3. Develop security design layouts for standard and special areas
4. Obtain product information for all equipment for review with owner
5. Develop budget estimate
6. Review schematics and budget estimate with owner
7. Obtain owner’s authorisation to proceed

Security Design Development

1. Develop and finalise standards and equipment selections
2. Develop drawings and specifications to illustrate security intent
3. Update budget estimate
4. Review design and budget estimates with owner
5. Obtain owner’s authorisation to proceed

Security Construction Documents

1. Prepare security design bid drawings:
            a. Floor plans
            b. Section / details
2. Coordinate with building A/E package
3. Prepare specifications and schedules
4. Present construction documents to owner. Obtain approval from owner.