Alila Salalah Hotel

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Alilia Salalah Hotel

SGW Security Consulting were appointed by Alila Salalah Company, to work in the capacity of Sub Consultant for Security Planning consultancy, to assist the design team to develop an effective Security strategy in relation to the Alila Salalah Hotel project in Mirbat, near Salalah, Oman.

The in-depth assessment and report covered the following:

• Review the architectural drawings

• Highlight the critical assets and the risks to them

• Review the credible threats

• Mark the vulnerable points

• Provide a concept design for electronic, environmental, manpower and physical security countermeasures

Alila Salalah Hotel

The hallmark of Alila is the combination of innovative design and luxury in unique locations, set apart by an unprecedented level of private space, personalised hospitality and destination experiences. Alila means “Surprise” in Sanskrit, which suitably describes the refreshing character of our properties and the reaction of our guests when they stay with us.

The security risk assessment was based on the Risk Management process ISO 31000:2009 principles and guidelines along with IEC/ ISO 31010:2009 risk assessment techniques.

The first step in the risk assessment process is to understand the environment in which the Hotel development will operate and any issues that may negatively impact the development. One of the most important parts of this is the identification of assets that are critical to the Development’s operations, as these assets will normally warrant the greatest degree of protection. Criticality of those assets will be grouped and categorised on a rating scale, from “very low” to “critical”.