EFW Plant, Deeside

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EFW Plant Deeside, Case Study, Security, Architecture, Design, Business park, BREAAM, Assessment

SGW were appointed by EFW Plant Deeside to provide a Security Needs Assessment to assist in obtaining a BREEAM credit.

The Primary focus was to make a set of recommendations that provide a safe and secure working environment for all legitimate users of the building. The Secondary focus was to assist the building in achieving a BREEAM score of Excellent standard or higher by achieving a credit in the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ section, namely HEA 06

In order to obtain a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist, a set of recommendations were provided during the concept design (RIBA Stage 2 or equivalent).

The recommendations aimed to ensure that the design of buildings, public and private car parks and public or amenity space are planned, designed and specified to address any issues or concerns identified through the desktop review and site visit.

The plant, at its most basic, takes general waste, burning it to power a steam turbine, the resulting steam is cleaned and released. The ash produced from the incineration is cooled and removed for further treatment. The facility has been designed to accept domestic waste, trade waste and leftover waste from municipal waste and recycling centres. There is no hazardous or dangerous waste processed at this EfW plant. (such as Radioactive waste, oil/sludge, explosives, or biological waste for example).