Hyatt Hotel Lagos, Nigeria

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SGW Safety and Security Limited were appointed by Milan Group in the capacity of Consultant for Security Planning and co-ordination Consultancy, to assist the design team to develop an effective Security strategy in relation to the Hyatt Hotel Lagos Development.

SGW Security Team determined the development is in an elevated security environment, from a Safety and Security perspective. The report intended to address the Hyatt (HITS) ERMS & DRMS consultant brief, for the Phase One –Preliminary Concept stage of the security consultant terms of reference.

The intention of the report, was to address HITS security consultant terms of reference as follows: –

• Analysis of local, regional and international security situation
• Analysis of site for threat, vulnerability and hazards. Specialist subcontractors for blast, mitigation, emergency planning, etc., may be employed as needed
• Familiarization with codes and requirements issued by authorities having jurisdiction over the project and subsequent hotel operation, together with local customs and best practices
• Preparation of cause and effect/hazard and consequence matrix
• Familiarization with Hyatt’s Engineering Design Recommendations and Minimum Standards, and Emergency Response Plan guidelines
• Preparation and presentation to Owner/Developer and Hyatt of preliminary concepts report for review and approval or modification as required. Preliminary report to include written opinion     of the overall risk level at the site.

The report, together with accompanying Preliminary Concept security drawings were intended to further communicate ‘high level’ considerations for the Planning Phase.

The mission was conducted as per Safety & Security Planning Manual (SSPM) and the risk assessment was based on the Risk Management process ISO 31000: 2009 –principles and guidelines; along with IEC/ ISO 31010:2009 –risk assessment techniques.

The scope of work for this project, addresses the Hyatt Hotel Lagos, a Hyatt Regency Theme hotel that will be developed in Lagos -Nigeria.