Hyatt Place Hotel, Riyadh

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SGW Security Consulting were appointed by the MEP Consultant, to work in the capacity of Sub-Consultant for Security Planning consultancy.

SGW assisted the design team to develop an effective Security strategy in relation to the Hyatt Place 4-star Hotel in Al Worood, Riyadh KSA Development.

The report included:

• Review of the architectural drawings

• Highlight of the critical assets and the risks to them

• Review of the credible threats

• Mark of the vulnerable points

The report took into consideration, the following information, together with referred to standards; Architectural drawings, Hyatt design and engineering recommendations and minimum standards, relevant information from the Hyatt Corporate Security Department, the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities Manual of standards and other relevant information provided via Email.

Hyatt Place hotels are mid-sized hotels catering for family and business travellers, in urban, airport and suburban areas, they are one of the brands associated with the Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Hyatt Place Hotels can be found in locations across the globe.

At Hyatt Place, we do things differently. We combine style, innovation and 24/7 convenience to create a perfectly seamless stay with every modern comfort you deserve. So, you never have to settle for any place less than Hyatt Place (Hyatt, 2015).