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SGW were appointed by McCarthy and Stone to conduct a site visit and produce a security vulnerability assessment with recommendations for appropriate security upgrades to migrate risks to one of their properties, Springhill House.

The visit and report was conducted due to the owners feeling at risk of danger.

McCarthy and Stone is a leading retirement house builder, based in the UK and is responsible for building more than 70% of the UK’s owner-occupied retirement housing each year.

The site visit report included:

• Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the site security
• Identifying any short comings in current CCTV systems
• Identifying any short comings in current access control systems
• Identifying any shortcomings existing lighting arrangements
• Liaising with relevant stakeholders as required

Whilst undergoing this on-site visit, SGW completed a risk assessment to understand the environment in which the Springhill House operates and any issues that may negatively impact the development. SGW spoke to a handful of residents in passing who highlighted some of their concerns, further to the initial list of concerns sent to the property managers.

Following the site visit, a report was produced with a new security site plan accompanied with a detailed explanation of recommended solutions, images and diagrams of where threats are increased.

McCarthy and Stone retirement apartments