SABRE Licenced Company

SGW Becomes SABRE Licenced Company

SGW Safety & Security Ltd (SGW) are pleased to announce that we are one of the first companies to become a SABRE Licenced Company by BRE Global Ltd.

Both SGW’s UK and United Arab Emirates offices are included in the scope of SGW’s SABRE Company Licence; number SLC-004, from where SGW are currently able to offer SABRE Assessment Services internationally, per the scope and geographical reach of the company’s professional indemnity insurance provisions.

SGW Providing SABRE Certification

As a Sabre Licenced Company, SGW can provide the SABRE certification scheme to new and existing customers to recognise and reward best practice.

SGW are pleased to now offer SABRE assessments to those involved in a range of infrastructure operations and construction.

What is SABRE?

Sabre is a security risk assessment and certification scheme for new and existing buildings and built infrastructure assets.

SABRE is owned by the BRE Global Ltd (part of the BRE group), the international provider of robust, independent, third party certification of fire, security, and environmental products of services. SABRE is the result of fundamental scientific research funded by the BRE Trust.

Providing Sabre Assessment for new and existing buildings and built infrastructure assets.

SGW are licenced by BRE Global Ltd to provide Sabre Security Assessment.

The benefits of SABRE

SABRE has many benefits to industry stakeholders including:

Who is SABRE for?

SGW are delighted to provide SABRE certification to clients across the following sectors, with the primary focus on the process of security risk management:

How does SABRE work?

The SABRE scheme incorporates nine technical stages and 70 assessment issues. To meet the criteria for SABRE certification, each stage has an aim accompanied by suitable metrics to demonstrate compliance.

To determine the approach to security of any new or existing building or infrastructure asset there are long-established principles of international management and risk management.

This includes:

Assessment and Certification

To determine whether a building or built infrastructure asset meets the requirements of the SABRE scheme, the facility must be assessed by a SABRE Registered Assessor. SGW are licensed to provide this service and will work alongside the project team (new facilities) or building management (existing facilities) to gather evidence in support of the applicable scheme criteria.

Successful assessment results in a SABRE Rating and LPCB certification, which can be used to:

SABRE Ratings

It is not possible to guarantee that a facility will be secure all the time. However, we can have increased confidence in a facilities ability to provide security. SABRE recognises this, and rates facilities on a sliding scale between ‘Acceptable’ (1 Star) and ‘Outstanding’ (5 Stars). The higher the rating, the more closely the SABRE framework was followed and the greater the level of assurance one can have in the approach to security risk management at a facility.

It is important to note that not all facilities need strive for the highest possible SABRE Rating. In some cases, ‘Acceptable’ may be good enough. Applicants are encouraged to seek advice from a SABRE Registered Assessor when determining a target SABRE Rating.


Commenting on the new SABRE security risk assessment and certification scheme, Simon Whitehouse, Managing Director of SGW said; I am delighted that SGW has become one of the first companies to be granted a SABRE Licence by BRE Global Limited. I firmly believe that the SABRE scheme will prove to be a highly-recognised means of ensuring that the security design and assessment process for built infrastructure assets is fit for purpose, commensurate with risk and third party certified to robust standards. Furthermore, I believe the recent launch of SABRE by BRE Global Limited is suitably timely given the content of the recent letter sent to all Local Authority chief planners in the UK by Stave Quartermain, CBE, Chief Planner at the Department for Communities and Local Government. Mr Quartermain’s letter reminded local planning authorities of the important role which the planning system has in ensuring appropriate measures are in place in relation to counter-terrorist and crime prevention security. I also believe SABRE will eventually be a key component in the future of how the planning system will be used to create safe and secure urban environments.

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