The High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS)

Statement taken from The High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS)

The national security of Saudi Arabia, including the security of the economy and the well-being of its population, depends directly on the physical and operational safety of a range of facilities across Saudi Arabia. These facilities are required to have adequate levels of protection as defined within the HCIS Security & Safety Directives 2017.

The High Commission for Industrial Security, referred to as HCIS, is the national regulatory agency for Security, Safety & Fire Protection requirements at industrial facilities and designated critical infrastructure, Kingdom-wide. The HCIS Security Directives are mandated by His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The HCIS issues the Security, Safety & Fire Protection Directives.

Compliance with these Directives is a statutory requirement under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Failure to comply with HCIS regulations at facilities under HCIS jurisdiction may result in operation delays as HCIS approvals are a prerequisite for facility operation.

The HCIS Directives 2017 apply to the construction and Expansion of facilities that are required to comply; these include but are not limited to:

Petroleum, Electric Power & Distribution, Petrochemical, Water, Industrial Services Communications, Mining, Gas, Civil Explosives, Chemical Manufacturing, Metal Manufacturing Ports, Railroads and Others as determined by HCIS

There are four obligatory security project submittals required by the HCIS for approval of all facilities:

Approval of documentation and drawings for Stage 1 through to Stage 3 is required prior to the construction, procurement or installation of any new security equipment, system or security infrastructure.

Approval of Stage 4 documentation is required during the commissioning stage of the security system but prior to declaring the facility operational.

SGW & AJEC Consulting Group are fully conversant with the New 2017 HCIS Directives and Security standards listed below:

Whilst meeting the requirement of the The High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS), the promotion and delivery of safety and security consultancy and training services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SGW have partnered with Al-Jazirah for Security Consultancy (AJEC4S).

With its branch offices, AJEC employs a multi-disciplinary professional staff of some 75 highly trained architectural, civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical engineers, planners, analysts, auto CAD operators and surveyors who work to support SGW’s qualified Industrial Security Consultants, to deliver a portfolio of services aligned to HCIS Safety & Security Directives in the Kingdom.

SGW’s team, originating from the UK and Dubai have many years of experience in Critical National Infrastructure protective consulting services. The team is headed by Simon Whitehouse, CSyP, CPP, PSP, FSyI, a current elected director of the UK Security Institute. Simon leads a team which seamlessly integrates with AJEC’s engineering expertise.

The High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS)