CPTED Security Planning

Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplined approach to prevent crime in an area, whether it be a housing block, hotel lobby, a park or an entire street. CPTED is a design principle witch looks to  reduce the incidents and fear of crime. The design of buildings and the arrangement of streets, parks and other outdoor and large indoor spaces can influence the opportunity for crime. CPTED seeks to maintain and improve the existing style and character of an environment without making it an unpleasant place for responsible users

CPTED focuses on a balanced application three areas; natural surveillance, access control, and territorial reinforcement.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

SGW will work with existing area or at concept stage for new areas to assist you and your built environment professional to minimise the opportunity and likeliness of criminal activity taking place through Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

In relation to crime prevention, an area that makes use of natural surveillance and defendable space is far less likely to see itself become a target. CPTED can strengthen and increase the protection of critical infrastructure through the makeup of the built environment. Conversely a rushed or poorly though out area will potentially have the opposite effect though the accidental creation of blind spots and areas for crime to occur

SGW will assist your built design professional in creating areas of your site that through Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design show clear ownership of space, clearly defined public and private areas and the creation of natural surveillance. Here at SGW our consultants can increase the security and the feeling of safety at your site.

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