Physical Security Strategy

A Physical security strategy is not a document that can come straight off the shelf and be used to protect the physical security of a building. It needs to be bespoke, whilst taking into account your business requirements and how you operate. SGW will work with you and any key stakeholders to analyse your needs, assess the threats to your business and support you in developing a physical security strategy based on that information.

A physical security strategy will encompass the overall management of any form of physical security used, such as; CCTV, access control, perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and security staff to name a few. Without a centrally well thought out and planned document outlining who does what and how each aspect is interlinked the security system will fail.

SGW will be able to review any current physical security strategies in place and make recommendations on how to improve them, or we can assist in the creation of a new physical security strategy.

SGW can also help you review the balance of physical security presence and the use of new technology and which is more cost effective as well as an effective security solution.

As with Security Master Planning, SGW can help you ensure any planning in relation to a physical security strategy will be compliant with both industry standards and relevant legislation:

Statutory and Common Law applicable to the physical security strategy includes:

Standards applicable to the physical security policy include:

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