Security Health Check

Reviewing and amending your business security plans should be a regular occurrence, but is one that is often overlooked. It is not necessary to completely re write any policy’s or procedures, however there is a need to update it against any new or developing threats and risks. These may be threats to your organisation specifically or generic evolving ones that are common across the region. Alongside our security awareness course SGW have developed a security health check, an annual review, that keeps your organisation at the forefront of current security strategies.

Building on your existing security and security policy SGW’s security consultants will review and assist development and update of both your physical security and security policy’s recommend any changes that need to be implemented. Developed to work alongside our security awareness training that reminds everyone that security is everyone’s responsibility and develops best practice and good housekeeping that have been developed to incorporate the CPNI’s latest advice.

Security Consultant Services

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