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Security Master Planning Services are provided by SGW’s Security Consultants, following the completion of a Security Threat & Risk Assessment. The Security Master Plan is a document which comprises of a report, drawings and illustrations that sets out the organisations security strategies, goals, plans, policies and procedures. It is used to provide a detailed outline of the security risks and mitigation plans agreed between stakeholders.

To the urban design professional (landscape architects, civil engineers, architects, urban planners), or any creator of public or private spaces (developers, builders, corporate organisations or government departments), the most efficient, least expensive way to provide security is during the earliest phases of development in the form of a Security Master Planning document. For a planner or developer, this means the earliest conceptual stages of a project within the built environment.

Security Master Planning Services from SGW

Security Master Planning Services for Architects and Developers working in the built environment.

SGW have extensive experience of providing Security Master Planning design deliverable’s for architects and developers, as an integral part of the initial project design team, to determine security risk and associated mitigation needs to protect the assets, reputation and corporate responsibility of the building owners interests.  We assist our clients to describe and elaborate the protection requirements and the level of protection required to each area of a development and produce easy to read visualisations of suggested security strategy options in easy to follow visualisations prepared using AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator & In-Design software packages.

Security Master Planning  services by SGW’s Security Consultants will also focus on demarcation and use of space throughout the project. Once identified, SGW would categorise use of space with consideration to the following: The intended use and function of a space, what users groups will typically be granted permission to enter a particular space; and the assessed value, sensitivity, and attractiveness of assets housed within. The following space classifications, also known as “security zones”, are generally employed by SGW when grouping spaces sharing similar access management levels:

Security Master Planning for Architects and Developers

SGW work with architects and developers providing security master planning professional services for the creation of safer communities

At the earliest stages of master planning for security, SGW can assist the client and design team to determine: –

In tandem with SGWs comprehensive threat and risk assessment SGW can help provide a holistic security solution for you and your individual business needs.

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