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SGW launches Security Courses Online

SGW Safety and Security Ltd is an independent security consulting practice providing unbiased expertise for security projects internationally, across a broad range of sectors, industries and environments.

Planning Today – Protecting Tomorrow, SGW aligns itself closely within the built environment, helping its clients to develop safe, secure and sustainable landmark projects.

Underpinned by experiences gained over the years within its consulting operations, delivered by higher degree qualified consultants and chartered professionals, SGW has built a credible reputation in providing specialist Counterterrorism. Risk management and Security Design training programmes for individuals who aspire to become practising security professionals.

Aims & Objectives of Security Courses Online

Security Courses Online will eventually provide a portfolio of externally accredited courses that are focused on the provision of professional security-related training programmes, which aim to meet the needs of the building and construction industry, facilities and asset management sectors.

The first in the series of Security Courses Online will be SGW’s Security Surveying & Assessment Course, which provides occupational standards & competencies for individuals working in the Built Environment.

This programme is based upon security surveying and assessment which follows a risk-based approach, for both proposed and in-use built infrastructure assets. The course programme will examine the different techniques used by security professionals to undertake a security assessment of a new site at the pre-construction stage by evaluating architectural drawings and visualisations or an in-use site, with a physical site survey visit and stakeholder consultation.

Security Needs Assessment

The Security Needs Assessment module includes a review of competencies, techniques, tools and resources necessary to undertake a visual audit of the site and surroundings, identifying environmental cues and features pertinent to the security of the proposed development or in-use facility. This includes determination of plot extents, spatial use, infrastructure placement, access, circulation and the application of CPTED principles.

Facility Security Risks

The Facility Security Risks module will review the components and techniques used to undertake a ‘high level’ quantitative and qualitative Security Risk Assessment. Based upon the context of a sample project, delegates will identify critical assets, vulnerable points and design based threats of both an in-use and pre-construction facility, using assessment data provided within the course workbook and also, within the public domain.

Facility Security Review

The Facility Security Review module will review and identify conclusions made in the Facility Security Risks module and techniques which can be applied by the security professional, to guide project stakeholders to make informed decisions on risk mitigation measures to be adopted and the production of the Level 1 Operational Requirement (OR1) to ensure that the solution is acceptable to all and that they have ownership of it.

Course Syllabus

This course will be spread over a one month period and will comprise of one-two hours live webinar each week, presented by SGW’s course tutors and security professionals. Following the conclusion of each weekly webinar, delegates will progress through a module-based workbook and prepare a final short assignment, for a final group presentation.

Security Surveying & Assessment Course Syllabus

Course Booking Information

– Online Blended Learning

– Course Starts: 3rd May 2021

– Course Ends: 28th May 2021

– 1 x Month Programme

– 3 x Modules

– Weekly 2-hour Live Webinars

– 1 x Final Assessment

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