SGW Creates iPad Security Planning & Design Tool kits

To support and assist our consulting team to deliver an efficient and concise service, SGW have developed iPad software to support the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) – Safety & Security Planning Manual (SSPM), planning and design toolkit’s.

The toolkit contains a mirror of the UPC planning and design tool kits which are featured in the SSPM. The software is an aide memoir for our consulting team to ensure all parts of the toolkit are considered and where necessary applied to a concept and detailed security master plan, for submission to the competent authority.

The software has also been used for site surveys in other countries including Qatar, UK, Nigeria and Oman where the applicable standards for that country have been applied and we are currently working with a number of public authorities and corporate clients, to develop tool-kits and mobile software applications for greater efficiency and consistency.

Security Surveys, particularly ones where the site is large and complex often result in pages and pages of notes being taken by the security consultant / security auditor during time on site. In addition, hundreds of digital photographs are often taken too.

The challenge,  remembering which notes correlate to a particular photograph taken, particularly during busy periods when a security survey cannot be written up for a few days or week or more, after the site survey has taken place.

SGW iPad Graphic

Safety and Security Planning Manual (SSPM) Toolkit – Used by SGW Security Consultants

In addition, key performance indicators (KPI’s) and standards often differ between individual countries, regions and corporate clients.

To address the points raised above, SGW have developed a set of security site survey related KPI’s for use with iPad software to capture various security standards, checklists and client specific requirements, to ensure consistency of reporting. This software is proving particularly useful for clients who have multiple sites, who want to ensure KPI’s and reporting remains consistent, irrespective of if the company deploys various different security consultants to visit the different sites contained within their portfolio.

We are currently working with a well known UK university to further develop these tools and would be interested to hear your thoughts and feedback on the use of mobile devices for safety & security security surveys and compliance. <Click Here to Take Our Survey>

The software is able to list assigner’s and key dates / milestones where security improvement actions have been scheduled.

The software can replace the old methods adopted by security practitioners, using a risk tracker MS Excel spreadsheet.

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