SGW’s SABRE Registered Assessors & Professionals

SGW Safety & Security Ltd are delighted to offer the services of three in-house SABRE Registered Assessors and Professionals.

SABRE is a security risk assessment and certification scheme for new and existing buildings and built infrastructure assets.

Simon Whitehouse, Managing Director of SGW Safety & Security Ltd, is an approved SABRE Registered Assessor & Registered Professional in the area of Security Strategy, Security Design & Engineering and Operational Security, reference number SLC-004-001. Richard Roberts, Senior Security Consultant, is approved in the area of Threat Assessment, Risk Assessment and Security Design & Engineering, reference number SLC-004-002 and Alan Meyrick, Security Consultant, is approved in the area of Threat Assessment and Risk Assessment, reference number SLC-004-003.

SABRE is operated by the BRE Global Ltd (part of the BRE group), the international provider of robust, independent, third party certification of fire, security, and environmental products of services. The scheme requires users to provide robust evidence to demonstrate compliance with the core technical requirements of LPS2082.

As a licenced company, SGW can provide the certification scheme to new and existing customers in a range of infrastructure operations and construction, to recognise and reward best practice.

The SABRE scheme incorporates nine technical stages and 70 assessment issues. To meet the certification criteria, each stage has an aim accompanied by suitable metrics to demonstrate compliance.

To determine the security approach of any new or existing building or infrastructure asset, there are long-established principles of international management and risk management.

SABRE has many benefits to industry stakeholders including:

•  Improved design and construction quality

•  Enhanced marketability of built assets

•  Increased operational effectiveness

•  Independent assurance of security performance

•  Promotes value for money security solutions

•  Benchmark your facilities across a portfolio and the wider sector

•  Showcase your capability

•  Attract security minded tenants and clients

•  Insurance incentives.

Download the SABRE brochure.

Alan Meyrick says: ‘The value of SABRE certification allows users to demonstrate a facility’s security credentials to their own end users, investors, insurers and partners, while also continually improving security standards and performance. Users are required to demonstrate compliance with the core technical components of Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 2082, providing both a credible and meaningful security certification. A SABRE Registered Assessor understands the process and technical elements of the scheme, with the end objective of helping the user achieve SABRE certification. Furthermore, SABRE Registered Professionals have demonstrated high competency requirements within the specialist deliverables of the scheme, giving users confidence in the certification and the process, but also acting as an indicator of professionalism across the wider security industry.’

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