Stevenage Control Room Relocation

A. Overview of the project

To support the first phase of a town centre redevelopment project, Stevenage Borough Council sought to relocate their previous CCTV Control room to a new location. The delivery of the regeneration scheme is vital to the future success of the town. The relocation of the CCTV facility enabled the Council to obtain vacant possession of the existing premises, known as Swingate House, ready for the first phase of the town centre regeneration, which began during 2019.

The project relocated the previous CCTV Control Room from Swingate House, Stevenage, to a new location approximately 1.5 miles away at Cavendish House, Stevenage, with a minimum of disruption, cost and downtime.

B. Scale of project

The Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership comprises Stevenage Borough Council, North Hertfordshire District Council, East Hertfordshire District Council, and Hertsmere Borough Council. The Partnership’s CCTV control room operates out of Stevenage. It provides 24 hours CCTV coverage 365 days a year across Hertfordshire and Central Bedfordshire by a team of operators who work a rotating shift pattern. Depending on times and operational demands, the control room is staffed by three operators and a Manager. Broadland Guarding Services Limited employs the operators.

The Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership operates a joint CCTV initiative to reduce crime and fear of crime in principle public and business areas of their Districts. The control room also provides an out of hour monitoring service for schools in the Hertfordshire Districts.

The control room receives images from CCTV systems covering the town centres, retail and leisure parks, car parks and business areas of the Partners, and the other regions within Hertfordshire are controlled, monitored and recorded.

There is a dedicated CCTV transmission link to the divisional Police headquarters control room operating within the areas of CCTV coverage where live pictures can events can be monitored. Direct two-way voice communication links between the divisional Police control room for Hertfordshire and the control room.

The picture below shows the previous CCTV control room in Swingate House, Stevenage.

The project scope included rerouting existing analogue BT RS1000 circuits from IDF hub locations to the new site at Cavendish House.

A multiple stakeholder operation exists, with whom SGW was engaged, as follows: –

The project was complex, and as part of the reconfiguration of a hybrid transmission network, SGW needed to arrange for the redesign or re-routing of transmission circuits, the mix of which is summarised below:

The total number of cameras which needed to be relocated to the new control room location at Cavendish Road was 545.

The Hertfordshire Partnership continues to maintain its status as one of the largest geographical CCTV networks in Europe and is actively seeking to add more sites to the estate.  Thirty (30) re-deployable cameras are regularly deployed in areas that develop high levels of antisocial behaviour (ASB).

C. Project involvement

SGW’s project involvement with the Stevenage CCTV Consultancy assignment can be summarised as follows: –

The picture below shows the new CCTV control room in Cavendish House, Stevenage.

D. Man-days spent on the project


E. Approx. Value of contract (£)


F. Project complexities

The project was a large-scale operation with multiple stakeholders, covering various geographic locations.

The main complexities identified for both projects are the design and configuration of multiple remote site hybrid transmission architecture and the upgrade/relocation of the control room. SGW’s experience in providing the services is outlined herein.

G. Client reference and contact details

I would like to thank you once again for the great service SBC has received from SGW on such a complex project. The scope prepared for the integration company tender was of a high level, which was the first step towards designing a quality control room, and any queries we had were always answered promptly. It has been a pleasure to work with Richard and you.

Magdalena Kwiatek, Senior Regeneration Officer, Stevenage Borough Council

SGW has successfully completed a complex consultancy and project management engagement, for the relocation of Stevenage Borough Council’s Public Space Surveillance – CCTV Control Room

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