CCTV Control room planning

SGW’s CCTV Consultants have for many years been at the forefront of control room design and development, for both private and public sector clients. Our experience has been built on strong foundations – from the many command and control room projects undertaken by our team, together with invaluable ‘lessons learnt’ over the last two decades.

Control Room Mosaic 1

SGW provides independent control room planning and design feasibility studies, which will often focus on the following key elements:-

SGW provides a comprehensive range of project management and clerk of works services, to supervise the construction phase of a command and control room, ensuring that the room is built in accordance with pre-agreed contract specifications. We oversee the project on behalf of the client and conduct regular documented progress meetings. Towards the end of the project, we review all ‘as fitted drawings’ and manuals, to ensure they reflect the finished product and can be easily updated electronically as the project evolves.


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