The CCTV Field of View Assessment Course is a one day course which has been developed by SGW’s in-house independent CCTV and Video Surveillance Systems Consultants, to address Recommended Standards for the CCTV industry.

The CCTV Field of View Assessment Course aims to teach an objective and consistent test methodology, to determine if the final field of view (Coverage) provided by a CCTV or Video Surveillance System Installation meets the Operational Requirements (OR) and associated performance requirements specified by the client, or his/her technical advisor.

A common problem with many CCTV & Video Surveillance System Installations is that the client is left with a feeling that the system has been handed over by the installation company prematurely, classified by the installer as being practically complete. However, the longevity of SGW’s experience providing CCTV Consultancy provides us with sufficient real-life experience to know that the original performance specification is often overlooked or the contractor has failed to install a system which provides a field of view at each camera which meets a set of documented Operational Requirments.

In accordance with BS EN 62676-4, the British & European standard which relates to Video surveillance systems for use in security applications, Clause 15.3 states that ‘As part of the commissioning and handover process, an acceptance test of the system must be carried out’.

Field of view assessment is an important part of the commissioning and handover process, which ensures that previously agreed Operational Requirements specified in a tender/bid package have been achieved and adhered to in the ‘As Built’ Video Surveillance System installation being handed over by the contractor. This one day course is specifically developed to assist specifiers, security managers, law enforcement agencies, integrators and wide-scale users of video surveillance technology apply a consistent, objective and unbiased means of system assessment in accordance with BS EN 62676-4.

We will take delegates through the process of how to use a test target to determine both the percentage screen height achieved within the primary surveillance zone at each camera position forming part of the system and also the corresponding pixel density, providing a true record of the ‘As Built’ system.

Delegates will exit the course competent to undertake field of view assessment using a Video Image Calculator (test target), screen assessment matrix and optional software app, for image analysis purposes.

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Course Fee: £200.00

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Course Syllabus

This course will cover the following points of criteria: –

  • Operational Requirements Definition
  • Documenting Operational Requirements
  • Effective Use of CAD in Systems Design
  • Field of View Footprints
  • Optimising Lighting to Field of View
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Using a Video Image Calculator (VIC) Test Target
  • Using a Screen Assessment Matrix Overlay
  • Using Software Tools to measure Field of View
  • Snagging, Fine Adjustment & Periodic Auditing

Course Venues

    • Nottingham, UK – Edwinstowe House, NG21 9PR – 23rd March 2022
    • Nottingham, UK – Edwinstowe House, NG21 9PR – 23rd June 2022