Grove Business Park

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SGW were commissioned to provide a Security Needs Assessment for incubators to be built.

The use of the assessment was to make a set of recommendations that provide a safe and secure working environment for all legitimate users of the building. The secondary use was to assist the building in achieving a BREEAM score of excellent standard of higher.

Grove Business Park situated near to Oxford, Reading and Swindon offers a range of buildings for uses of large factories, small office spaces and warehouses. The business park planned to build a set of incubator units to house 24 small workplaces which had a large amount of interest for potential tenants.

SGW identified the risks specific to the propose, likely or potential use of the building and the risks to the user groups of the building.

As part of the assessment SGW identified any detrimental effects that the development may have had on the existing community.

Embedded in the assessment report, were a list of recommendations to maintain excellent safety and security standards with diagrams, images and detailed explanations.