Access Control Consultant

SGW’s Access Control Consultant Services provides for experienced and independent security engineering specialists who design, supervise, assess, snag, witness test and approve installations which control the movement of people and vehicles.

Access control systems allow users to monitor and control who is able to enter either your site as a whole or certain areas of a site. As part of a multi layered approach to security, access control can protect the safety and security of your staff and visitors as well as any critically important business functions and systems.

By engaging the services of SGW to provide Access Control Consultant Services,  our clients are provided with technical expertise to develop recommendations made in our security threat and risk assessment or security master planning recommendations, to design and specify electronic and physical access control systems.

Access Control Consultant Services

3D Vehicle and Pedestrian Entrance Control Design by SGW’s Access Control Consultants

Access Control: People

With the emergence of new technologies there are a wide variety of methods for controlling access from traditional ID badges and Physical Locks through to Biometric devices and Smart cards. The dominating factor in choosing what access control system is most suitable will be the outcome of the threat and risk assessment of your site and associated risk mitigation measures and security improvements agreed. SGW’s Access Control Consultant team will advise on and develop a design proposal and drawing(s) which may incorporate a range of access control systems including: –

• Access cards and card readers
• Access Keypads
• Barrier and gate styles
• Biometric readers
• Contact and contactless Smart Cards
• ID badges
• Security guarding solutions

3D Modelling by SGW's Access Control Consultant

SGW’s Access Control Consultant Team designs innovative pedestrian entrance control solutions, for the Built Environment.

Access Control: Vehicles:

As with people, vehicles can present a complex access control challenge and could have a range of solutions applied that are dependent on the way your site and your people need to function and the risks and threats present to them, Our Access Control Consultant team can assist and advise on a range of measures including:

• ANPR systems
• Crash rated installations
• Barrier and gate styles
• Search regime
•Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Choosing the right system is important and should centre around the mitigation of risks identified at your site or facility. SGW’s Access Control Consultant will review your new sites concept masterplan or in relation to an existing or established site, what you already have verses what your needs are in relation to the threats and risks identified as part of our holistic security consultancy approach or as a single piece of work. SGW will present an unbiased, independent and objective report and recommend the access control systems that will best serve your needs whilst interacting with the way your business operates.
SGW are also able to help you put your access control system to tender ensuring that the options presented meet the needs identified and are of the right technical specification. Additionally SGW can also project manage the installation and set-up of any system alongside your chosen contractors.

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