Course Introduction

The Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) programme is a four-day exam preparation course, followed by an exam. It does not attempt to teach a security professional the vast subject of counter-terrorism in only four days and has a number of prerequisites for entry into the programme. CCTP aims to provide course participants excellent study material, best practice and lessons learned, real-life applications and syllabus overview, in preparation for sitting the exam.

The Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) course is an internationally recognized certification program in the field of counter-terrorism. The CCTP course is highly recognized in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, UAE, and more.

Course Recognition & Endorsement

Following a period of review and due diligence, The Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) programme has been recognized by The University of Portsmouth, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies. 

Dr Alison Wakefield, Senior Lecturer in Security Risk Management at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth said:

We are very pleased to recognise the CCTP certification through our Recognised Prior Learning process, which enables us to give credit exemptions to individuals progressing from the CCTP to undertake our BSc in Risk and Security Management. Due to the rigorous standards of entry, teaching and assessment, we will be offering graduates of the CCTP 20 credits at Level 6 on the UK’s Qualifications and Credit Framework. SGW Consulting is the UK’s sole provider of this prestigious international certification, and I am proud that we have been able to partner with SGW to provide this recognition.

Simon Whitehouse, Managing Director at SGW said;

We are delighted that CCTP has gained recognition by academia, and in particular, the highly respected Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at The University of Portsmouth. I firmly believe professional short courses provide an ideal platform for security and counterterrorism professionals to enter a learning pathway to academic degree programmes, giving students a mix of practical, operational and theoretical experience in their chosen security related discipline.

Who Should Attend?

Property Managers, Security Managers, Consultants, Law Enforcement Professionals, Private Security operatives, and Security Search teams will find the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) programme of immense practical value.

Course Benefits

• Competence in the principles and best practices in the counter-terrorism field
• Participation in a recognised professional group
• As the global terrorism threat keeps evolving, the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) certification keeps you up to date with tools
and tactics to counter and respond to the threat
• Recognition of professional competence by peers in your profession as well as management
• Advanced career potential and growth due to recognition as a Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner
• Certification can improve overall performance, remove uncertainty and widen market opportunities
• The process of achieving and maintaining certification helps ensure you are continually improving and
refining your activities within the homeland security and counterterrorism fields.

To download a full course prospectus, click here > CCTP Course Brochure

Course Prerequisites

The participant is required to have either one of the following:
1.1. A minimum university degree and at least 2 years experience in the security, law enforcement or military field.

1.2. Relevant experience in the field of security, law enforcement or military, with at least 5 years in executive or management role and/or responsibility if you do not have a relevant degree.

Minimum Age of 25

Professional References
Candidates are required to submit two professionals references.

Course Cost

The course fee is £1,560-00 including VAT (equivalent to £1300-00 + 20% VAT) which is INCLUSIVE of morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch. Accommodation and any transportation to and from the venue are EXCLUDED from this fee.

The course fee also includes a 374 page CCTP syllabus field guide titled; ‘The Complete Counter Terrorism Guide‘.

For those who are members of The Security Institute or ASIS International, please provide your current membership number at the time of booking to receive a £100 discount.

Course Online Booking Page

Course Fee: £1,560.00

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Course Syllabus

The four main syllabus domain areas are:

  • Domain 1 – Terrorism Fundaments
  • Domain 2 – Terrorism Threats Identification
  • Domain 3 – Prevention and Mitigation of the threat
  • Domain 4 – Preparedness and response to acts of terrorism
  • In addition, to the four domains above, a special lecture will be provided to delegates on explosion effects engineering, by a UK recognised RSES registered blast engineer and also a lecture on Hostile Vehicle Mitigation using swept path predictive software design tools. A group study exercise will form part of the 4-day programme

Course Venues

  • Central London – Venue TBC – 13th July to 16th July 2020
  • Central London – Venue TBC – 9th November to 12th November 2020