Course Overview:

The Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA) has become one of the most integral elements of security risk management. Too often, security decisions are made without a clear understanding of the threat, and, vulnerabilities that impact a business and its assets. This course has been developed to allow delegates to gain an insight and a better understanding of the latest security planning and assessment concepts and solutions. The Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA) will define what they are and how they affect security operations and assessment. It will define and assess Vulnerability, and how Risk, Threat and Vulnerabilities are intrinsically linked when mitigating risk.  By constructing an integrated security approach; physical, technological and human elements of security, the course will provide tools and methodologies for understanding critical Threat, Risk and Vulnerability aspects, allowing delegates to take an effective approach towards security.

Benefits of the TRVA Course:

  1. Robust understanding of Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability methodologies
  2. Thorough grasp of Threat and Risk Identification, Assessment and Evaluation in context – different threats, risks and treatment options
  3. Understanding of Asset identification, protection and criticality
  4. Ability to understand Risk Management Process when liaising with stakeholders
  5. Insight into Scenario Planning; categorising threats, methods of attack, likelihood and impact
  6. Appreciation of integrated security systems
  7. Insight into innovative security practices

Suitable For:

  1. Security managers and practitioners
  2. Physical Protection Professionals
  3. Security Consultants
  4. Aviation Security
  5. Critical infrastructure team
  6. Hotel security, Public installations, event security
  7. Building managers
  8. Individuals who are looking to develop their security skills and professional knowledge


There is no formal entry requirement for this course, and individual applications are assessed based on the candidate’s experience and educational background.

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Course Fee: £1,100.00

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Course Syllabus

Module 1) Introduction to the Risk Management Process (ISO 31000)

Module 2) Threat and Risk Methodology; Context, Threat and Risk distinction, interaction

Module 3) Threat Assessment; threat capability, threat intent, threat source

Module 4) Vulnerability Identification and Analysis; weaknesses in physical, technical or human security, ‘Soft’ vs ‘Hard’ targets, CPTED

Module 5) Risk Assessment; asset identification, context of risk to business, Likelihood and Impact,

Module 6) Practical and Group Exercises; Red vs Blue Team, Devils’ Advocacy, Threat Scenario planning; Integrated security solutions.

Course Venues

    • London, United Kingdom (‘Final venue TBC) – 21st to 24th September 2020


  • London, UK – 70-72 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4HB – 7th to 10th May 2019
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – Park Hotel, Yas Island – 4th to 7th November 2019
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